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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

10:15 am pdf (Handout) (2.16 MB)

MIOSHA Construction Safety & Health Division Update (Basic) Eric Allen, MIOSHA CSHD Health & Safety Manager.

This session will provide an update on current events in the MIOSHA Construction Safety and Health Division.  The speaker will also review of S & H requirements pertaining to construction activities and the issues typically discovered.  A look at what is “Top Priority” for the MIOSHA Construction Safety and Health Division will be covered.

11:30 am

Fall Protection – Putting the Pieces Together (Intermediate-Advanced) Presented by a panel consisting of industry safety and health professionals, and MIOSHA.

This session will be a panel discussion with owners, suppliers, regulators and safety and health professionals.  They will discuss fall protection challenges and methods to comply with the requirements of MIOSHA, and those, that are often times, more stringent as required by an owners or construction managers.  Attendees can interact with the panel to ask key questions when planning for fall protection on projects.  Best practices for fall protection equipment management will also be discussed.

1:45 pm

Taking Safety from the Office to the Jobsite:  What to Say and Do to Demonstrate Commitment (Basic) Justin Ganschow, CHMM, Caterpillar, Inc.

Every person in a construction organization has a specific function to get the job done, and yet all are held “responsible for safety.”  Executives, project managers and supervisors have a particularly wide scope of influence and accountability, so it is critical that they demonstrate commitment through both words and actions.  It starts with leading by example, but true leadership goes beyond wearing proper PPE and ensuring others do the same.  This presentation focuses on tactical activities to create and sustain a culture of positive safety performance through leadership, communication, training and recognition.  Safety doesn’t just happen – it is built through trust, consistency and accountability.  Audience members will learn how to integrate these principles into their daily routines.

3:15 pm

Electrical Hazards, Concerns, and Consequences (Intermediate) Jeff Nyboer, President, Gates Electric, Inc.

This session will review the events and conditions that contributed to a preventable incident that occurred on a construction project.  The fatal event involved live electrical components and the new installation of an electrical panel.  Discussion will include the hazards associated with this type of work and the results of what can happen when electricians are not properly protected when working around energized cables and equipment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

9:00 am

Roles & Responsibilities for Cranes in Construction (Intermediate) Derek Sather, Operating Engineers 324 JATF.

Safe crane operations shouldn’t fall on one person, it’s a team effort. This presentation is designed to take a detailed look at the national safety standards and regulations for crane operations. Next, we’ll define and explain the individual roles that may be required. Then we can review if your personnel are qualified for these positions.

10:15 am

Mental Health in Construction (Basic) Dave Opalewski, Grief Recovery, Inc.

As the crisis is emerging from the shadows, alarming statistics are prompting the construction industry to identify and address mental health as another piece in the puzzle of employee safety and health.  This is a suicide prevention presentation promoting awareness by identifying the signs and symptoms of suicidal crisis, causes eliminating stereotypical attitudes, and ways to receive help and help others who may be in crisis.

12:30 pm

Wearable and New Technology for Construction (Basic) Bob Dolan, Sales Manager, TRIAX Technologies.

While safety has been a concern in the industry to date, technology is catching up to drive safety forward.  New “Tech” systems, comprised of wearable devices, mobile applications, AR/VR, drones and site sensors, to name a few, enables general contractors, subcontractors and workers to build smarter and safer than ever before.  Wearable devices, in particular, are being used to protect the industry’s most valuable resource – the workforce.

1:45 pm

Raising the Bar:  Partnering for Construction Performance (Employee Engagement) (Basic) Daryl Gallant, Assistant Training Director, and Jeff Wylie Smrz, Trades Instructor, Michigan Laborers’ Training & Apprenticeship Institute (MLTAI).

Employee Engagement is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organization to give their best effort each day.  This course provides research results that those workers that are committed to their organization’s goals and values are more motivated to contribute to its success, and in addition, have an enhanced sense of their own well-being.  This course will cover the definition of the MLTAI employee engagement training and research.  The attendees will take part in a reduced version of the current training that is conducted at MLTAI.  This course will involve group work and some hands-on classroom assessments.

3:15 pm

Foundation for Safety Leadership (Basic) Jason Griffin, Director of Education and Safety Services, Construction Association of Michigan.

This presentation is designed to introduce construction personnel, particularly those with supervisory responsibilities, to safety leadership principles and give them the skills to be a safety leader who can help create and sustain safe and productive jobsites.  Participants will learn the importance of safety leadership, review the five essential safety leadership skills, and participate in a case scenario emphasizing those skills.

Construction Division Roster

Co-Chair: Dave Thayer, Mears Group, Inc.

Co-Chair:Paul Wrzesinski, Associated General Contractors of Michigan

Vice-Chair: Sue Becker, President, S.L. Becker Electric, Inc.

Secretary:Peggy Sadler, MIOSHA Retiree


Steve Aleo, Walsh Construction Company 

Anthony Allam, Project Safety Manager, Barton Malow Company

Eric Allen, MIOSHA Construction Safety & Health Division Jonathan Anglin, Ideal Contracting

Emily Barber, Mears Group, Inc. 

Ted Bergin, Wolverine Building Group

Lynn Coleman, MI Laborers Training & Appr. 

Blake Davis, Superior Electric Great Lakes Company

Lee Graham,  Operating Engineers Local 324

Carl Granger, CSP, SMS, Woods Construction, Inc.

Jason Griffon, Construction Association of Michigan

Zach Hansmann, CSP, CHMM, Michigan State University  FRIB

Douglas Hayes, CSP, ARM, SMS, AECOM

Mike Listello, CSP, DTE Energy

Richard Mee, Associated General Contractors

Kevin Parker, VP, Mears Group, Inc.

Mike Reckling, InfraSource, Inc.

Troy Rouse, COSS, InfraSource, Inc.

Robert Sherriff, Sherriff-Goslin Company

Andrew Smith, Michigan State University

Bernie Sunday, Sherriff-Goslin Company

Terry Sundt, DTE Energy 

Steve Tighe, Wolverine Building Group

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