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Tuesday,  April 11,  2017


10:15 am pdf (Handout) (2.53 MB)

DEQ: What the Heck is a Stormwater Visual Assessment? (Intermediate) Ryan Grant, Industrial Storm Water Program Specialist, DEQ Water Resources Division.



Three years ago the Water Resource Division rolled out the requirements for Visual Assessments in the NPDES Industrial Storm Water permits.  All permittees are currently or will be required to perform Quarterly Visual Assessments.  Visual Assessments require permittees to collect samples and have them visually analyzed by an Industrial Storm Water Certified Operator to evaluate the effectiveness of storm water management controls and to make sure the discharge meets the conditions of the permit.  During this presentation you will learn more about the new storm water permit requirement and have the opportunity to ask questions.


12:30 pm pdf (Handout) (9.47 MB)

DEQ: The Liquid Industrial By-Product (LIBP) Regulatory Changes for Generators (Intermediate) Jeanette M. Noechel, Environmental Quality Specialist, DEQ Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection/Hazardous Waste.



The Liquid Industrial By Product (LIBP) rules changed in March 2016. This presentation will cover the changes to the LIBP regulatory requirements and how they will affect your LIBP management program and compliance activities.


1:45 pm pdf (Handout) (3.72 MB)

DEQ: Incident Management Specialists: Who We Are and What We Do(Intermediate)  Joshua Scheels, Incident Management Specialist and Joseph DeGrazia, Incident Management Specialist, DEQ Remediation & Redevelopment Division. 



This presentation will provide an overview of the role and responsibilities of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Incident Management Specialists.


3:15 pm pdf (Handout) (3.46 MB)

DEQ: Vapor Intrusion for the Regulatory Community (Intermediate) Kristen Kellock, Toxicologist, and Joe Victory, Geologist, DEQ Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection (OWMRP)/Hazardous Waste Section.



The regulatory climate surrounding the vapor intrusion pathway has evolved rapidly in recent years to keep pace with advances in the understanding the properties of volatile substances. Many volatile substances are now understood to present an indoor air inhalation hazard at concentrations much lower than previously realized when present in soil and/or groundwater under or near occupied buildings. This presentation will provide an introduction to the vapor intrusion pathway as well as explore toxicological information, conceptual site models, and geology from the regulatory perspective. We will also discuss the DEQ’s proposal for change and current status of how OWMRP is handling VI site issues.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017


9:00 am pdf (Handout) (6.23 MB)

Drinking Water Sampling – Not Just for Homes and Schools  (Basic) Jenna Sendra, Manager, cleanWATER Division, Arch Environmental Group, Inc. 



Following recent events in Flint, the safety and quality of drinking water has become a concern across Michigan and the country.  Recommended sampling and analysis procedures seem to change almost monthly.  Learn what factors you should consider as you deal with this issue, including background information, applicable regulations, and current recommendations.


10:15 am pdf (Handout) (4.34 MB)

DEQ: Haz Waste and Liquid Industrial By-Products Inspections and Recordkeeping (Basic)  Mary Ann St. Antoine, Environmental Quality Analyst, DEQ Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection/Hazardous Waste.


In this session attendees will learn about what to expect during a hazardous waste and/or liquid industrial by-product inspection.  Attendees will hear about the specific records an inspector will want to see (e.g. waste characterizations, monthly waste inventory, uniform manifests, land disposal restriction notifications, etc.).  Attendees will also learn what an inspector looks for during the inspection and what is commonly observed at various facilities during inspections.


12:30 pm pdf (Handout) (10.83 MB)

DEQ: Construction Storm Water Program (Intermediate) Cheryl Petroski-Wilson, Senior Environmental Quality Analyst, DEQ Water Resources Division.


This program features a review of the State's Construction Storm Water Program including information related to permit requirements and what a comprehensive site inspection includes.


1:45 pm pdf (Handout) (1.33 MB)

DEQ: Recent Revisions to Michigan’s Hazardous Waste Program Rules (Intermediate) Ronda L. Blayer, Environmental Engineering Specialist, DEQ Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection/Hazardous Waste.



The administrative rules governing Michigan’s Hazardous Waste Program recently underwent revision.  This presentation will explore both the federally and state-initiated revisions, their impact on the State’s Program and how it affects your facility's hazardous waste management and regulatory compliance program.


3:15 pm pdf (Handout) (4.54 MB)

What to do When an Environmental Incident Happens to You(Basic) Michael Supanich, CHMM, Account Manager, Veolia North America. This presentation will explore how you and your organization should respond to environmental incidents at your facility. The presenter will review case studies with real-world examples of environmental incidents and discuss the necessary steps to protect yourself, your company and the environment.  


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