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Small Business Association of Michigan (includes information on their 3 pm daily briefing on Facebook)

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Credit Cards
How did the COVID-19 Virus get on my credit cards? (Dr. James McGlothlin)

Face Masks
How to Prevent the spread of COVID-19 using new CDC face mask guidelines (Dr. James McGlothlin)
Face Mask Instructions (PDF)

Stay at Home Tips

Be careful in your own home, you don’t want to go an emergency room now, so avoid knives, ladders, power tools, etc., when working on home projects.  Be careful on stairs and in your yard.

If you get sick you will likely not be admitted to the hospital unless you are in dire distress.  So you will need to isolate and self monitor:
      Pulse oximeter for 02 saturation
      Blood pressure
      EKG and heart rate.  Download heart rate app that also gives an ekg.
      Scale – sudden weight gain signifies kidney issues, heart issues.
      Blood sugar, if applicable
If you have some or most of these, keep track of your vitals or use to update your doctor remotely.    Things that will help you heal:  fresh air, deep breathing, rest, fluids and clean, clean, clean.   Be sure to get up, shower, change positions, take short walks in your room, leg kicks, arm stretches.  A day in bed is a loss of one week of conditioning and allows stuff to fester in those lungs.
Keep your cardio in good shape before you get sick.
When you get sick, keep the windows open, go outside if you can and continue to clean your environment even while quarantining.
You can increase the “viral load” by re-exposing to your own germs that you cough and sneeze out and infect clean sections of your lungs.  So clean, change and clean sheets, wipe surfaces down.
Do deep yoga breathing.
Don’t share rooms with others, especially if you are both sick…you will expose yourself to others viral loads.
Rest and fluids….pound Gatorade, chicken broth, tea…..
Keep track of your temperature and O2 sats.
A pulse oximeter tells you your O2 saturation rate.
These pulse oximeters are usually $20, however, are out of stock or expensive. Walmart might still have some:

UltraViolet C Lights (C waves can be dangerous and alter DNA- must be used with care)

Modifying Operations to Make Hand Sanitizer

Free Printable COVID-19 Signage

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