Agricultural Safety & Rescue Division Classes

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
3:15 pm
Want to Fill Out Fewer Injury Reports?  Taking Compliance from Lagging to Leading Indicators (Intermediate)  Kathy Malone, CHMM, Environmental Engineer, ManGuard Systems, Inc., and Jessica Duran, DVM, Michigan Country Life.

Going beyond compliance, including tracking leading indicators instead of lagging ones, is where you can have the greatest positive impact on your safety program.  You’ve probably heard that immediate feedback leads to the most worker satisfaction compared to the dreaded annual performance review.

Filling out injury reports is the equivalent of that performance review—it is already too late to do anything about it, and is too far removed from the behavior to have a positive impact. To say nothing of the expense of the time to fill them out and other related costs such as treatment and work comp.

Furthermore, peer and potential management pressure to “hit zero”, whether real or perceived, might result in workers not reporting injuries.

In this talk we will discuss how Near Miss reporting when combined with active follow-up by all workers/departments having the same potential hazard, and sharing of these near misses and mitigation efforts and successes, can have the greatest beneficial impact on your safety program, both with respect to performance and also in the culture.

The idea of a “No Idea Left Behind” box (either physical or electronic) that lets workers not only share suggestions but be able to track the response to their suggestion (anonymously if they so choose) further enhances the culture of safety and gets you even further in front of potentially hazardous situations.

Come discuss this with us! Share your successes and challenges so we can all go forward together.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

9:00 am
Bunk Silo Safety (Intermediate)  Phil Kaatz, Senior Education, Michigan State University Extension.

The bunk silo has become the go-to method of feed storage for livestock producers.  Bunk silos are longer, wider, deeper, and have hidden dangers often overlooked by producers.  Many times the people responsible for working around the silos may not have the experience and on-going training to identify potential dangers.  This session will provide practical ideas and methods to help prevent accidents and tragedy before they happen.

11:30 am
Silo Fire and Demolition Case Study:  Emergency Response and the Aftermath (Basic)  Faith Cullens-Nobis, South Campus Farms, Michigan State University; and Zach Hansmann, PhD, CSP, CHMM, ARM, Michigan State University.

In 2021, a fire impacted multiple silos at the Michigan State University Dairy Farm.  This session will cover the incident and lessons learned in the emergency response as well as take participants through the process of clean up and demolition while maintaining an active dairy operation.

3:15 pm
Machine Guarding-Agricultural Industry (Basic)  Sam Germer, Business Development & Sales and Joe Mlynek, CSP, OHST, Content Creation Expert & Partner, Safety Made Simple.

This session will cover basic applications for machine guarding in agricultural applications and discuss hazards present when mechanical equipment is not guarded properly to prevent accidental contact causing serious injuries and fatalities.

  • Co-Chair:  Cindy Pauley, COSS, COHC
  • Co-Chair:  Anthony Oliveri, PhD, MPH, CIH, CSP, MDHHS Division of Environmental Health
  • Division:  Craig Anderson, Michigan Farm Bureau
  • Mary Carper, CSP, Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.
  • Stan Moore, MSU Extension Farm Management Educator
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