Speaker Information Can Be Found Below

Each year the Michigan Safety Conference boasts close to 120 programs. Programs are solicited and selected by one of the fourteen training divisions of the conference. People interested in presenting should complete the Speaker Proposal Form found above, and submit it to the headquarters office. Potential speakers are encouraged to submit their programs even if the submission deadline has expired . Some Divisions make their selections later than others, and others often need replacement programs in the event of a cancellation. If you are not chosen in a particular year, we will keep your information on file for future years.


Important INformation

Submissions will be accepted no later than September 1, 2024 to be considered for the 2025 event. You may submit a proposal after that date if you would like to be considered as a back-up speaker in the event we receive advanced notice of a cancellation.

If you are selected to speak, you will be contacted by the volunteer chairperson of the Division that selected you.  We do not contact speakers that are not selected.

Will Michigan Safety Conference Pay For My Conference Registration?

We do  not pay honorariums or speaker fees. However, all conference speakers will receive a complimentary conference registration for they day they are speaking, and complimentary admittance to the exhibition hall. The conference registration includes lunch each day.

Will Michigan Safety Conference Reimburse Me For Travel And Lodging Expenses?

This varies by Division. If the Division is interested in your presentation, they will contact you regarding your travel and lodging needs.

How Are Proposals Judged?

Proposals are evaluated by Division Chairs and Division Members with expertise in the safety industry. Each proposal will be based on topics relevant to the conference audience. Conference attendees consist of practitioners with varying levels of experience and expertise.

What Topic Areas Are Acceptable?

Recommended conference topics include leading-edge research, innovative techniques, best practices, and emerging trends. Case studies, panel discussions and global content are highly encouraged. Although conference attendees welcome the opportunity to learn about new products and services, the direct selling of a company’s services or products is prohibited.

How Should I Present My Material To The Michigan Safety Conference Audience?

Past presenters have used the following methods to present material: case studies, “how-to” approaches, senior-level strategic viewpoints, and emerging practitioner applications and practices.