The Michigan Safety Conference has had a long-standing relationship with MIOSHA, dating back to their very beginnings, but we have never had an established or formal relationship until now. In the past, our organization hasn’t exactly fit the criteria necessary for cooperative programs like the MVPP, SHARP, and Partnership Program, largely because of the necessary focus on employers.

The MIOSHA Alliance Program however is open to all groups, including trade or professional organizations, with the mission to educate and lead the state’s employers and their employees in advancing workplace safety and health. We are happy to announce that the Michigan Safety Conference and MIOSHA formally signed an Alliance Agreement on December 20, 2023.

This three-year agreement focuses on Raising Awareness through both:

1. Outreach and Communication
2. Training and Education.

We believe the synergy of this alliance can make great strides to further improve workplace health and safety for workers in the State of Michigan.

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