Cancellation Info

The Michigan Safety Conference board met today (3-11-20) and made the difficult decision to cancel the 90th annual Michigan Safety Conference on April 7-8, 2020, In Grand Rapids, MI.

It was not an easy decision to make due to the size, scope and importance of the event.  However, the very mission of safety professionals is to eliminate any risk to the health and safety of Michigan workers.  Due to the status of the coronavirus, the group believed it was in the best interest of all stakeholders to cancel this year’s event.

Stakeholders (Exhibitors, Speakers, Attendees, Sponsors, Contractors, etc.) will be contacted individually after March 20th.

We appreciate the leadership of the board in making this decision.  We hope that everyone will follow CDC recommendations ( in helping slow down or stop the spread of this virus.

Future Conference Dates

April 18-19, 2023, Grand Rapids, MI
April 16-17, 2024, Grand Rapids, MI
April 15-16, 2025, Lansing, MI
April 14-15, 2026, Lansing, MI

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