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Tuesday, April 18, 2023
10:15 am
Redefining “Safe” to Grow Organizational Capacity (Intermediate)  Sam Goodman, Owner and Consultant, The HOP Nerd, LLC.

The session will be an exploration into the key concepts of Human & Organizational Performance and Sam’s “10 Ideas” , focused on creating learning focused environments to grow organizational capacity.

11:30 am (Handout)
Using Technology to Reduce Risk and Prevent Injuries (Basic)  Heather Chapman, Owner, MS, CSP, CHMM, CEAS, Paradigm Safety.

Technology is increasingly being implemented to assist musculoskeletal safety in the workplace.  Traditional ergonomic evaluations can be time consuming, and if not done correctly, may not reduce risk exposure.  There are multiple technologies available now, from risk assessments using video processing with high validity and reliability to the use of wearable devices that provide real-time feedback to coach better body mechanics.  This session will show you how to harness technology to make your safety life a lot easier and much more efficient in preventing injuries!

1:45 pm (Handout)
Why NOW is the Right Time to Implement Roof Fall Protection (Intermediate)  Craig Galecka, PE, CSP, Principal/Project Manager, LJB, Inc.

Since every building has a roof, and falls from roof height tend to be catastrophic, addressing roof fall hazards is a wise place to start in reducing an organization’s risk.  First, roofs historically represent 20% of fall fatalities and overall workplace fall incidents are increasing, rather than declining.  Finally, new guidance from regulations and standards has changed the rules for roof fall protection, and organizations need to understand these changes to facilitate compliance and safety.  While it’s clear that these risks need to be addressed, roof fall hazards can be challenging to abate.  This session provides an overview of common roof fall hazards and potential abatement strategies that meet the updated regulatory requirements.  Using case studies, this session will highlight an effective process for identifying, evaluating and addressing roof fall hazards.

3:15 pm
Panel Discussion of Gray Areas and Best Practices in Industrial Safety (Basic)  Heather Chapman, MS, CSP, CHMM, CEAS, Owner, Paradigm Safety; Jeff Gray, Owner, JAG Safety Consulting; Rich DeLeau, MSB, CHST, CAWC, Risk Manager, BHS Insurance; and Greg Zigulis, Owner, Sixth Sense Safety Solutions.

Four industry experts will speak to some of the gray areas they’ve encountered in the world of Industrial Safety along with their creative solutions and best practices for enduring a safe and productive workplace.  Each panel member will come prepared with 2-3 personal stories of industrial safety “gray area” successes that will allow for key take-aways for attendees. But, the panel will also interact with, and respond to, audience members through a moderator to take a deeper dive into attendee-presented trouble spots and challenges in search of “best practice” solutions.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
9:00 am (Handout)  (Worksheet)
Critical Pre-Construction Alignment (Intermediate)  Dave Lerner, Retired Construction Safety Manager, Ford Motor Company.

This session will give the participant a ready checklist for conducting a multi-faceted pre-job alignment discussion between the Plant and an outside Construction Contractor.

10:15 am
10 Proven Safety Tools, Techniques, Tactics and Practices to Turn Around a Problem Plant (Part 2) (Intermediate)  Jean Ndana, Regional Health and Safety Manager, Michigan Seamless Tube (MST).

Is it possible? Is it possible to reverse a decades-long trend of poor safety performance in only 2 years in a unionized manufacturing plant?

In an environment where for years, management and workers have been at loggerheads with each other, is it possible in only 24 months to, not only fuel collaboration between both groups, but also alignment and the execution of the plant’s health and safety strategy?

Is it possible to transform shop floor workers who have been branded for years as whiners, clock punchers, incorrigible or worse into health and safety evangelists?

Come and learn how, through the use of non-conventional approaches, techniques, tactics and routines, one unionized manufacturing plant whose safety performance nearly landed it on OSHA’s severe violators list was spectacularly transformed into a bastion of safety and ultimately a profit machine.

11:30 am (Handout)
Rig It Right II (Intermediate)  Kent Richards, Lifting Specialist, Mazzella Lifting Technologies.

This session will cover basic rigging and load control, as well as creating a lift plan.

1:45 pm (Handout)
Opioids in the Workplace and Community (Basic)  Mr. Robert Kirkby, CIH, Michigan State Police.

Drug use and substance use disorders impact workplaces and communities across the United States.  With a particular emphasis on opioids, this presentation provides background on the effects of drug use, strategies for addressing drug use, and resources to support those in need of assistance.

3:15 pm
Ergonomics at Ford Motor Company (Intermediate)  Salima Ladha, Ford Motor Company.

The use of ergonomics principles in automobile assembly and manufacturing operations has become an important part of a comprehensive health and safety process, as well as an integral part of the engineering design systems.  Ford Motor Company has developed a global ergonomics program that involves a pro-active process that applies ergonomics principles during research, product design and workstation layout to design out ergonomics concerns.  The in-plant ergonomics process uses joint labor and management teams to manage issues related to musculoskeletal disorders by identifying and evaluating jobs, as well as, developing and implementing solutions.  This presentation will provide an overview of the proactive and reactive ergonomics process at Ford Motor Company.

  • Chair:  Carl Granger, Woods Construction, Inc.
  • Division: 
  • Eric Baker, L.L. Johnson Lumber MFG. CO. & Johnson’s Workbench
  • Wendy Burkett, Ford Motor Company
  • Barbara Fleming, Torrance Learning
  • Crystal Gunn, CHMM, CSP, JELD-WEN, Inc.
  • AJ Hale, CompOne Administrators
  • Sandra Kiers, Ford Motor Company
  • Dave Lerner, CSP, Retired
  • Kathy Malone, Manguard Systems, Inc.
  • Jean Ndana, CSP, ASP, Michigan Seamless Tube (MST)
  • Kent Richards, Mazzella Lifting Technologies
  • Don Schmid, Safetec Industrial & Construction Services
  • Greg Zigulis, CIH, CSP, CHSP, Sixth Sense Safety Solutions