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Active Training Consultants LLC

Contact: Erin Burns
Work 151 S State St Newaygo MI 49337 United States Work Phone: 231-629-6883 Website:


Keeping your employees safe is a top priority for any business, and I’m sure yours is no exception. It’s amazing, though, how much time, effort, and sometimes money actually goes into that process.

We don’t always think about those types of things. We walk at our normal pace down our workshop floor and naturally avoid things that could be problematic. The grease spot that’s been there since the machine broke down a few months ago. The pile of fabric in front of one of the exit doors. The wasp’s nest that inevitably shows up every spring. Even the cord that’s been taped across the floor since Nixon was in office. These may all be a natural part of life at work, and, because they’re such a normal part of our work life, we may not even give them any real thought…. But we should.

This is where Active Training Consultants comes in. We are a safety consultant training organization located in Grand Rapids, offering training in OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, as well as a variety of other safety training and services. With a combined 30 years of experience and are ready to train your employees to recognize these situations and can give them the knowledge to correct them. We can train them to be alert in all areas of safety, whether they involve machinery, equipment, electricity, hazardous materials, or even creating an organized evacuation plan in case of fire or other emergencies. We can also train your employees in first aid techniques (including CPR and AED), so if there is any type of medical emergency, someone will be able to respond until professional rescuers can get to the scene.

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151 S State St Newaygo MI 49337 United States