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Tuesday, April 18, 2023
10:15 am
Error Reduction…Applying HP Principles to Identify Traps and Triggers to Improve Awareness in your Workforce (Intermediate) Doug Hill, Consumers Energy.

This session will include basic error reduction/hp principles to identify, eliminate or mitigate error likely situations through teaching the ideals of Traps and Triggers to employees at the task level.

11:30 am
Building Systemic Leadership with Self & Team Awareness (Intermediate)  Doug Hill, Consumers Energy.

This program replaces the Bridging the Gap Between Safety and the Worker that was originally scheduled.

1:45 pm
Subsurface Damage Prevention Utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar Technologies (Basic)  Matt Johnson, Great Lakes Business Development Manager, GPRS.

This session will include:  utility strike trend; differences between a public utility vs. private utilities; locating equipment capabilities and limitations; and Subsurface Investigation Methodology locating specification (

3:15 pm
Confined Space – Advanced Training and Rescue Solutions (Advanced)  Tracy Hazel, OSHA Outreach Instructor.

Last year our division brought you the intermediate or basic level presentation for confined space awareness.  This year we hope to offer a more advanced presentation in the dangerous work in confined spaces.  This program overview will focus on confined space rescue, confined space training, OSHA and MIOSHA standards, permit required confined spaces, and confined space entry team members for rescue.  We will have hands on demonstrations of non-entry rescue equipment available during this presentation.  This presentation will not meet the requirements for you to become a confined space rescue team member.  Additional training and equipment is required under these OSHA and MIOSHA standards for Confined Space Rescue team members.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
9:00 am  (co-sponsored by the Environmental Management Division)
Transforming Electric Generation:  DTE’s Renewable Energy Outlook (Basic)  Terri Schroeder, Director Renewable Energy, DTE Energy.

This presentation will cover DTE’s energy outlook as the traditional coal plants are retired.

10:15 am
Integrating Human Performance into Root Cause Analysis (Intermediate)  Chris Eckert, Managing Partner, Sologic.

As workforce turnover increases, employee commitment and focus is simultaneously decreasing creating an environment of greater potential for injury.  Integrating the concepts of Human Performance and proactive Root Cause Analysis (RCA) provides a way to counteract the increased risk by taking a holistic look at the human, procedural, physical, and cultural elements to help safety professionals discover new ways for assuring safer operations.  

This presentation will provide a practical approach that combines the benefits of Human Performance with proactive RCA to identify and eliminate precursor causes, decreasing the dependence and reliance of ’employee judgement’ for safe operations.

11:30 am
Emergency Preparedness (Basic)  George Smith, Employee Safety Superintendent, Kent County Road Commission.

This session will include building your plan, dealing with the public and jobsite preparedness.

1:45 pm
Safe Driving and Liability Concerns:  Planting the seed of safety to keep people safe, both physically and financially (Basic)  Ryan Cressman, Manager of Security and Safety, Lansing Board of Water and Light.

This will be an introductory presentation to safe and defensive driving habits and ideas, to keep these principals at the forefront when operating a vehicle.  It will include statistics and facts on crashes, injuries, and deaths, as well as best practice ideas moving forward.  Safety is the priority and making it personal to the attendee is the goal.  A major secondary consideration is civil liability and how it can affect individuals as well as organizations.

3:15 pm
Is Safety Really #!? (Intermediate)  Michael Burns, COSS, Active Training Consultants, LLC.

The discussion will revolve around the true place of safety in workplaces and why it falls as far as it does.  The presenter will also discuss ways to change safety culture to turn this trend around, various training methods that can be used, and where to begin, as well as discuss the benefits of 3rd party audits and OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 classes for employees.

  • Co-Chair: Steven Sienko, Consumers Energy
  • Co-Chair:  Gary Maudie, DTE Energy
  • Division:  Todd Burger, Local 223 UWUA, AFL-CIO
  • Dan Doerr, Sinica-US
  • Tracy Hazel, Advanced Training and Consulting, LLC
  • Dennis Kerr, Retired
  • Scott Kingry, CHST, COSS, The Line, LLC
  • Al Roden, Mackinaw Administrators, LLC
  • George Schomberger, DTE Energy
  • Steven Sienko, Consumers Energy
  • George Smith, Kent County Road Commission
  • Deanna Stevens, Michigan Gas Utilities
  • Heather Tuzinowski, DTE Energy
  • Kaleb Ward, DTE Energy