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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

10:15 am
Using the Scan and Focus Tool to Improve Situational Awareness (Advanced)  Doug Hill, CUSP, ASSP, HP Expert, Safety Culture Team, Consumers Energy.

This session will cover driving Scan and Focus principles into all situations to raise the reward and lower the risks by a statistical science from Human Performance.

11:30 am
Never Need Your PPE (Intermediate) David McPeak, Director of Professional Development, Incident Prevention Institute of UBM.

PPE.  Always use it and never need it.  That’s right.  You should never need your PPE if you properly apply the hierarchy of controls in hazard mitigation.  You’ll still use it and you’ll protect it so it can protect you, but you won’t ever need it.

1:45 pm
Confined Space Awareness (Basic)  Tracy Hazel, OSHA Outreach Instructor, Advanced Training and Consulting, LLC.

The speaker will cover hazards recognition when working in and around confined spaces.  Learn safe practices, roles and responsibilities.  Also, learn about OSHA/MIOSHA rules and best practices.

3:15 pm
Accidents in Utilities; Is it Human Error or Something Else? (Intermediate) Oscar Rodriguez-Franco, CIH.

Human error is the most frequently cited contributory cause to accidents in the electric utility industry.  This presentation will explore human error as a consequence of latent systemic deviations rather as the direct cause of many safety incidents.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

9:00 am
Extracting Proactive Nuggets from your Reactive RCA’s (Advanced)  Chris Eckert, President, Sologic.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a core tool used by all safety professionals, however, when only applied reactively on injuries, opportunities for greater improvements may be missed.  This presentation will share advanced use of cause and effect to deliver more accurate RCA’s in less time and will expose how proactive solutions can be discovered from reactive situations.

10:15 am
Emergency Preparedness (Basic)  George Smith, Employee Safety Superintendent, Kent County Road Commission.

This session will include tips and tricks for building an emergency response plan, what to include in your plan, public interaction, jobsite preparedness, and taking care of yourself after a traumatic incident.

12:30 pm
Bridging the Gap Between Safety and the Worker (Intermediate)  Scott Kingry, The Line.

A very controversial look at how hardline safety, safety for the sake of safety, and safety as eyewash are ineffective and often detrimental to the actual safety of the worker, as well as the company they work for.  And how intelligent safety can be the key to building an effective and intuitive safety culture.

1:45 pm
Is Safety Really #1? (Basic-Intermediate)  Michael Burns, Owner/Lead Trainer, Active Training Consultants, LLC.

Discussion will revolve around the true place of safety in workplaces and why it falls as far as it does.  The speaker will also discuss ways to change safety culture to turn this trend around, various training methods that can be used, and where to begin, as well as discuss the benefits of an OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 class for employees.

3:15 pm
Stress Management for Safety (Intermediate)  Oscar Rodriguez-Franco, CIH.

High stress levels can impair employees’ concentration, cognitive information processing, decision making, and work behavior.  The role of the supervisor, safety climate, and other contributing factors will be discussed, including mitigating strategies.

  • Co-Chair: Steven Sienko, Consumers Energy
  • Co-Chair:  Gary Maudie, DTE Energy
  • Division:  Alice Alexander, Sinica-US
  • Todd Burger, Local 223 UWUA, AFL-CIO
  • Tracy Hazel, Advanced Training and Consulting, LLC
  • Dennis Kerr, Retired
  • Scott Kingry, CHST, COSS, The Line, LLC
  • Al Roden, Mackinaw Administrators, LLC
  • George Schomberger, DTE Energy
  • Steven Sienko, Consumers Energy
  • George Smith, Kent County Road Commission
  • Deanna Stevens, Michigan Gas Utilities
  • Heather Tuzinowski, DTE Energy
  • Kaleb Ward, DTE Energy

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