Emergency Management/Fire Safety Division Classes

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

10:15 am
Code Based Fire Safety Considerations for Outdoor Events (Basic)  Greg Thomas, Fire Marshal, Livonia Fire & Rescue.

This session will include an overview of fire code and general safety considerations when planning outdoor events.  The presentation will review requirements for tents, fire department access, food concession safety (food trucks), crowd management, permits and site/location planning.

11:30 am
An Overview of the Multi-Disciplinary Threat Assessment Process and How to Effectively Develop and Integrate the Team into Your Organizational Risk Management Strategy (Intermediate)  John Walker, Adjunct Lecturer in Criminal Justice, University of Detroit Mercy, Center for Justice Studies.

Targeted violence and threatening behaviors have become all too common in our daily lives. They involve customers, clients, co-workers, students, intimate partners, family members, strangers and even friends. They influence and affect organizational operations, reputations, and the sustainability of businesses, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, and more. An effective workplace violence prevention program requires a comprehensive understanding of the multi-disciplinary threat assessment process and how to proactively integrate it into the development of strategies and protocols designed to intervene early, manage, and mitigate risk. This session will explore how we can empower all members of the organization to work collaboratively to identify, investigate, manage and prevent a targeted violence event from impacting our organizations.

1:45 pm
Local Emergency Planning Committees:  Focus and Functions (Intermediate)  Brenna Roos, SARA Title III Planner, Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division.

Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) must develop emergency response plans and review them annually and provide information about chemicals in the community to residents.  Plans are often developed by LEPCs with stakeholder participation.  This session will cover LEPC responsibilities and the cohesiveness needed to have a successful LEPC that uses a whole community approach to planning.

3:15 pm
Will Your company Be a Future Case Study? (Intermediate)  Trent Atkins, Certified Professional Emergency Manager.

Each year companies become a Case Study for failing to prepare for emergencies and disasters.  Statistically, companies that fail to plan for an emergency or disaster won’t reopen.  In this session, we will discuss some reasons companies fail to plan and why, as risk management professionals, it is important to change that culture within your business.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
9:00 am
Environmental Management and Emergency Response Training:  SPCC, SWPPP & ERP (Intermediate)  Paul Rodriguez, eCAP® Account Manager, August Mack Environmental, Inc.

This training session will go over multiple regulatory plans covering environmental management and emergency response for industrial sites.

10:15 am
Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication:  The Right Message at the Right Time (Basic)  Colette Stimmell, President, Wolverine Strategic Communication.

This session will cover the basics of crisis and risk communication, including message development, the role of the Public Information Officer and the roles of news media and social media in keeping the public informed during emergency situations.

12:30 pm
Sea Safety, Part 1 (Intermediate)  Captain Luke Clyburn, Noble Odyssey Foundation.

Maritime training at sea, with emphasis on safety.  A large part of Michigan is underwater and needs study and research.  Only is this possible with the concerns of researcher safety.

1:45 pm
Sea Safety, Part 2 (Intermediate)  Captain Luke Clyburn, Noble Odyssey Foundation.

Maritime training at sea, with emphasis on safety.  A large part of Michigan is underwater and needs study and research.  Only is this possible with the concerns of researcher safety.

  • Co-Chair:  Mark Jones, CIH, CSP, Plastipak
  • Co-Chair:  Paul DeNapoli, MSA, CFDSO, EMT-P, Livonia Fire & Rescue (retired)
  • Division: John Bennett, ITBMC, CBCP, CRISC, PEM, Hospital Network Ventures LLC
  • Heather Casey, Jane Doe Investigations
  • John Cieslik, BCSP, City of Rochester Fire Department
  • Alycia Haskins, 1st Choice Mediation
  • Will Hayes, PEM, CSSP, PCP, Canton Public Safety
  • Brian Kahn, PEM, Livonia Police Department
  • Maria Kinsler, Henry Ford Health System
  • Judith Wheeler, MSSM, CHSP, PEM, PCP, Beaumont Hospital
  • Mingyu Wu, PhD, CSP, Grand Valley State University
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