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Tuesday, April 12, 2022
10:15 am
PFAS Update (Intermediate) Jeffrey Bolin, Dragun Corporation.

Attendees will receive an update and summary of PFAS regulation at Feeral and State of Michigan agencies.  The speaker will discuss types of PFAS concerns that they are seeing from clients, trade organizations, and litigation.

12:30 pm
Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens:  Developing and Sustaining an Effective Water Safety Program (Intermediate)  Joseph Ham, B.S.E., DuBois Chemicals and Russ Olmsted, Trinity Health.

With the cases of Legionnaires’ Disease on the rise, the publishing of ASHRAE standard 1 88 has put the responsibility on the building owners to maintain safe water throughout the facility.  This session will cover the proliferation and transmission of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.  It will also cover expectations for compliance, understanding risk, development and validation of a water safety program, ongoing execution and documentation, and water remediation strategies

1:45 pm
Air Inspections:  How permits are used to determine compliance (Intermediate) April Lazzaro, Senior Environmental Quality Analyst, State of Michigan, EGLE, Air Quality Division.

Air permits are often used to determine compliance during an inspection.  EGLE’s Air Quality Division staff will talk about things that may trigger the need for an air permit at your facility and then how the permit is used to guide inspectors during the inspection.  Real-life examples will be used to demonstrate how an inspector may work with your facility as well as what considerations should be taken to ensure inspectors safety.

3:15 pm
Environmental Reporting, EPCRA, SARA, Title III, Community Right to Know and Providing Personal Experiences Related to Industry and Fire Departments (Basic-Intermediate)  Rich Mahaney, Mahaney Loss Control Services.

This session will be a basic overview of the rules relating to US Environmental Reporting for organizations that make, store, use and get rid of hazardous substances/materials.  How and when is reporting done, and what happens in the community after reporting is done will also be discussed.  The speaker will share about getting the important information in the community to people that need to know about the chemicals.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
9:00 am
Air Permitting and Compliance (Intermediate)  Kendra Edwards, Compliance Manager, August Mack Environmental.

This training will cover air quality permitting and compliance requirements.  The training will include an overview of the air permit application process and will assist in understanding federal and state regulations that may be applicable.  We will discuss all aspects of air permit compliance management, including record keeping, reporting and the preparation of plans.

10:15 am
Environmental Management and Emergency Response Training:  SPCC, SWPPP & ERP (Intermediate)  Paul Rodriguez, eCAP® Account Manager, August Mack Environmental, Inc.

This training session will go over multiple regulatory plans covering environmental management and emergency response for industrial sites.

11:30 am
Lead and Copper in Drinking Water – What You Need to Know (Basic)  Jenna Sendra, cleanWater Manager, D-5 Waterworks Operator, and Victoria Vo, Consultant, D-5 Waterworks Operator, Arch Environmental Group, Inc.

From the Flint drinking water system to recent issues at several school districts and cities across the State, lead in drinking water continues to make the news.  In 2018, the State of Michigan revised the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) for drinking water establishing lower regulatory action levels and sampling requirements.  Learn about these regulatory changes and requirements, as well as additional information regarding non-regulatory voluntary sampling recommendations to keep your building’s water supply safe.

1:45 pm
Sustainability – What Can we Do on a Site Level? (Basic)  Laurie Rudolph, Safety and Risk Reduction Specialists.

Sustainability has become a key societal and business principle.  Many companies have set sustainability goals.  What are some of the things that can be done on a local level to support a company’s sustainability efforts and principles?  In this session, we will outline some of the basic activities that you may be able to implement.

  • Chair: Laurie Rudolph, Safety and Risk Reduction Specialists
  • Division:  Regina Carriere, CSP, CAWC, Retired Sr Loss Control Consultant
  • Pierre Gonyon, CHSP, St. Joseph Mercy Health System
  • Jessica Jannaman, TE Connectivity
  • Robert Kirkby, CIH, Michigan State Police
  • Steve Roach, Arch Environmental Group, Inc.
  • Matt Tomlinson, Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy
  • Barry Williams, CSP, AT&T
  • David Woods, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Inc.
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