To find handouts from the 2019 conference, go to Classes.

Click on the Division name of the Division offering the class.  If we have a speaker handout, it will appear next to the time of the program.  Please note that although we ask for the handouts in advance of the conference, we don’t get all of them until sometimes after the event.  We will continue to load them as we get them, so check back if you don’t see it.

To find the handouts from the keynote, go to Keynote.

If there is a specific handout you are searching for, and can’t locate it using the above process, email denise@michsafetyconference.org, and we will try to get it for you.  Please note that not all speakers are willing to share their slides.

Future Meeting Dates

April 13-14, 2021, Virtual Conference
April 12-13, 2022, Lansing, MI
April 18-19, 2023, Grand Rapids, MI
April 16-17, 2024, Grand Rapids, MI


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