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Tuesday, April 12, 2022
10:15 am
Workplace Violence:  Preventing and Protecting (Intermediate)  Ken Smith, CHSP, CIE, CHCM,  VP of Safety Services and Joy Smith, MSN, RN, CHSP, CHSN, VP of Clinical Safety, Healthcare Safety Services.

This presentation will demonstrate how to achieve positive results by engaging staff with safe and effective prevention skills.  Participants will also learn a proactive approach by recognizing early warning signs and triggers and how to apply de-escalation techniques.

12:30 pm
Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) (Intermediate)  Janice Homola, ARM, CSPHA, Senior Risk Consultant, Workers’ Compensation Services, Coverys.

HOP is a powerful philosophy that incorporates a specific way of thinking in order to learn and improve.  Applying HOP supports moving a culture from external accountability to ownership, improving resilience, and finding workable fixes that are often cheaper and stay fixed longer.  The methods encouraged through HOP help us better understand how employees behave in the context of our work, and then come together so we can learn to find lasting, workable improvements.

1:45 pm
A Clinical Model of Repetitive Strain:  How it Develops, Presents, and is Treated (Intermediate)  Thomas McCoy, DO, Physician and Ergonomist.

Current injury models fail to adequately explain how repetitive strain develops, presents, is examined and treated.  This new process model helps overcome those failures by offering:  a temporal profile of development, a set of recognizable symptom patterns, an example of strain induction, and an explanation of how biological, psychological, social and environmental variables affect severity and disability development.

3:15 pm
Mindfulness and Workplace Safety (Basic)  John Bolde, System Director, Safety and Security, Munson Healthcare and Sue Bolde, Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher.

Today’s work environments are filled with increasingly competing demands and distractions.  Multi-tasking has become a way of managing this new reality.  The human factors that most frequently contribute to accidents and injuries are complacency, stress, fatigue, distraction, and haste.  Fortunately, there is a scientifically proven intervention that can reduce these factors and help prevent critical moments from escalating – mindfulness.  This presentation addresses the root cause of many safety issues and offers practical tools to improve workplace mindfulness.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

9:00 am
Overview of the OSHA COVID-19 Regulations for Healthcare (Basic)  Audrey Carlstrom, Industrial Hygienist, MIOSHA CET Division.
This presentation will cover the scope and application of the COVID-19 standard including common exemptions.  The presentation will also cover the requirements of the standard, and resources available for COVID-19 prevention.

10:15 am
Water Safety in a Hospital Setting (Basic)  Julie Borowski, McLaren Healthcare.

This session will help attendees with the understanding and implementation of a comprehensive facility water management plan in accordance with regulatory requirements.

12:30 pm
Panel Discussion (Session 1) – The Impact of COVID-19 and the New Normal for Healthcare Occupational Safety and Health Programs (Intermediate) Panel to be determined.

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by everyone.  Probably the greatest impact has been for hospitals, nursing homes and other caregivers.  This panel discussion will focus on strategies and control measures that have been taken to deal with human resource issues, workers’ compensation claims and litigation management and employee health programs.

1:45 pm
Panel Discussion (Session 2) – The Impact of COVID-19 and the New Normal for Healthcare Occupational Safety and Health Programs (Intermediate)  Debbie DeNapoli, CHSP, Director of Safety Management Services, University of Michigan Health System and Board Chair of the Michigan Safety Conference; MaryAnn Northcote, CPP, CHSP, Safety and Workers’ Compensation Manager, Risk, Safety and Insurance, McLaren Health Care; and Pierre Gonyon, CHSP, Environmental Safety and Health System Leader, St. Joseph Mercy Health System.

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by everyone.  Probably the greatest impact has been for hospitals, nursing homes and other caregivers.  This panel discussion will focus on strategies and control measures that have been taken to deal with employee safety issues such as supply chain disruptions pertaining to PPE and other equipment, reporting and investigation of COVID-19 related illness, handling of staff concerns and shortages, emergency preparedness, accreditation considerations, and facility/engineering controls.

3:15 pm
Recovery Model Strategies to Address Fatigue and Burnout (Intermediate)  Vicki Missar, MS, CPE, CSPHP, CHSP, SSBB, Associate Director, Global AGRC Healthcare Quarterback, Risk Control, Claims and Ergonomics, Aon.

Health care workers need a more structured, institutionalized approach to recovery if we are going to improve their health, safety and well-being.  The purpose of this presentation is to explore the current physiological need for recovery and what models are readily available to assist organizations in deploying a strategic approach.  This is particularly essential for health care workers who are dealing with a pandemic, the effects of aging (e.g. reduced muscle strength, co-morbidities) combined with a physically demanding job.  The impact of fatigue is well researched and points to the issues like increased errors, but what we do not see in the industry is a recovery model for health care workers that takes a systemic approach to managing the effects of fatigue for employees.

  • Chair:  Terry Fisk, Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene Consultant, CIH, CSP, CIE, CHSP
  • Secretary:  Janet Dobryden, Retired Sr. Loss Prevention Consultant, ARM, CSRM
  • Division:   Sarah Battice, McLaren Health Management Group
  • Phyllis Berryman, RN, MBA, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN, Abbey Consultant
  • Regina Carriere, CSP, CAWC, Retired Sr Loss Control Consultant
  • Scott Cruzen, CHSP, OHST, Ethos Corporation
  • Debbie DeNapoli, CHSP, Michigan Medicine
  • Christopher Dreckmann, Bio-MED Medical Waste Transporters
  • Joe Galusha, CHSP, CIE, AON Global Risk Consulting
  • Christy Koscielski, RN, McLaren Bay Region Hospital
  • Matt Macomber, MS, CIH, MIOSHA
  • Julie Mulder, RN, BSN, Spectrum Health
  • MaryAnn Northcote, CPP, CHSP, McLaren Health Care
  • Lisa Rogers, CHSP, CHPA, CHEP, McLaren Greater Lansing
  • Joy Smith, MSN, RN, CHSP, CHSN, Healthcare Safety Services
  • Kenneth Smith, CHSP, Healthcare Safety Services
  • Dee Tyler, RN, COHN-S, FAAOHN, Coverys
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