Metal Fabricating Division Classes

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

10:15 am
Introduction to Safe Rigging Practices (Basic)  Robert Siemens, Senior OSHA Outreach Instructor, Royal Arc.

Many industries utilize rigging practices on a regular basis; however, lack of proper training often leads to injuries or can even end with a fatality.  This session will cover proper usage of below the hook devices such as chain and wire rope slings, shackles, and eye bolts.  We will also cover how to employ safe lifting angles, read load calculations, acknowledge proper procedures, and follow the necessary requirements to make a safe lift for both individuals and group rigging applications.

11:30 am
10 Proven Non-Conventional Safety Tools, Techniques & Practices to Turn Around a Problem Plant (Intermediate)  Jean Ndana, Regional Health & Safety Manager, Michigan Seamless Tube.

Is it possible to reverse decades-long trend of poor safety performance in only two years in a unionized manufacturing plant?

Come and discover how, through the use of non-conventional tools, techniques, tactics and routines, one unionized manufacturing plant whose safety performance nearly landed it on OSHA’s severe violators list was spectacularly transformed into a bastion of safety and ultimately a profit machine.

1:45 pm
Dust Collection Control Safety in the Metal Fabricating Industry (Intermediate)  Allen Mejan, Sales Manager, Hastings Air Energy.

While dust collector explosions are not 100% preventable, manufacturers should not view them as inevitable.  Facilities can significantly reduce their risk of a combustible dust accident by instilling the best engineering practices; practices that include a solid maintenance plan in order to reduce or eliminate dangerous dust that settles on floors, walls, machinery and overhead areas.  A review of NFPA 484 and 653 requirements will also be included.

This interactive presentation will provide attendees with a basic understanding of the combustible dust issue and discuss critical housekeeping tips and recommendations relative to the metal fabricating industry as they pertain to Nilfisk’s and Hastings Air Energy first-hand experiences.

3:15 pm
Techniques to Improve Your Incident Investigation Process (Intermediate)  Byron Beattie, Regional EHS Manager, Environmental Health & Safety, BASF-Chemetall US, Inc.

Incident investigations are a process for documenting, analyzing, and addressing an incident that results in a near miss or first aid as well as recordable injuries or fatalities.

Attendees will learn how to through examples, such as:
-developing and utilizing the 5 why concept, and other investigative tools
-Neutralize immediate/persistent threats to safety and health
-Communicate to key leaders
-Determine the depth of the investigation
-Be able to utilize and analyze several types of investigative processes to reduce or eliminate incidents through effective 5 whys, etc., root cause analysis
-Best ways to identify hazard control measures, appropriate responses to prevent reoccurrence and follow up
-Demonstrate your and the team’s involvement through personal attention.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
9:00 am
Confined Space Myths & Misconceptions – Part 1 (Intermediate)  Chad Ignatowski, EHS Director, PADNOS.

This session will include a discussion of common and uncommon misconceptions and missteps when developing and implementing a confined space program.

10:15 am
Confined Space Myths & Misconceptions – Part 2 (Intermediate)  Chad Ignatowski, EHS Director, PADNOS.

A continuation of the 9:00 am program.

12:30 pm
Metal Fabricating PPE (Intermediate)  Jeff Boss, Territory Manager-Michigan, Ansell.

This session will include how and why it is important to choose proper hand and arm protection in metal working and fabrication.

1:45 pm (co-sponsored by the MIOSHA CET Division)
Machine Guarding 101 (Basic)  Deborah Ziel, Senior Occupational Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

This session is designed for general industry participants (maintenance, safety and health professionals, and management personnel).  This workshop familiarizes the participant with various types of common machinery and the related safety hazards.  The course enables participants to recognize hazards and provides options for achieving abatement.

3:15 pm
Hard Guarding and Pinch Point Guarding Systems and the B11 Standard (Basic)  Ryer Corbat Appeldoorn, Director of Marketing, Machine Guard & Cover Company.

This session is an introduction to hard guarding and point guarding systems.  It will be a short and simple presentation that goes over the absolute basics of guarding industrial motion hazards.  During the presentation the speaker will cover hazard identification, guard design, guard fabrication and proper installation.  A more advanced follow up presentation will proceed after “Machine Guarding, Keeping it Simple” on the new B11 standards and how they relate to hard guarding and point guarding in the workplace.

  • Chair: Byron Beattie, BASF
  • Division:  John Brennan, JB Safety Consultant, LLC
  • Eva Hatt, Hardhatt Safety Consulting & Training, LLC
  • Allen Mejan, Hastings Air Energy
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