Metal Fabricating Division Classes

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

10:15 am

Presence Sensing Devices – Balancing safety and productivity (Intermediate)  Dean Phillips, LINK Systems.

Presence Sensing Devices (PSDs) (Light Curtains) are one of the most common and flexible safeguards for many automated systems.  Proper applications & use of presence sensing devices provides protection not only for the operators, but also for other employees in the area.  In essence, they are the key to balancing productivity and safety.  The speaker will provide an overview of PSDs, how they operate and what type of operations they are best suited for.

12:30 pm

The Internet of Things (IIOT) – Using communications to advance your safety and productivity (Intermediate)  Dean Phillips, LINK Systems.

The Internet of Things (IIOT) is making great strides in communication and is now able to improve your safety and recording of problem issues, closing the loop with technology.  Now you can keep better records, improve predictive failures, reduce hazards and improve risk analysis.  The speaker will provide insight in to this new format and technology.

1:45 pm

3:15 pm

Dust Collection Control Safety in the Metal Fabricating Industry (Intermediate)  Allen Mejan, Sales Manager, Hastings Air Energy.

While these accidents are not 100% preventable, manufacturers should not view them as inevitable.  Facilities can significantly reduce their risk of a combustible dust accident by instilling the best engineering practices; practices that include a solid maintenance plan in order to reduce or eliminate dangerous dust that settles on floors, walls, machinery, and overhead areas.  A review of NFPA 484 and 653 requirements will also be included.

This interactive presentation will provide attendees with a basic understanding of the combustible dust issue and discuss critical housekeeping tips and recommendations relative to the metal fabricating industry and as they pertain to Nilfisk’s and Hastings Air Energy first-hand experiences.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

9:00 am

10:15 am

Confined Space Myths & Misconceptions (Intermediate)  Chad Ignatowski, EHS Director, Padnos.

This session will include a discussion of common and uncommon misconceptions and missteps when implementing a confined space program.

11:30 am

1:45 pm

3:15 pm

Process Specific Risk Assessments – Integrity and Maintaining the Process (Intermediate)  Byron Beattie, EHS Manager, Amcor North American BU.

This working session will provide the attendee a hands on review and tools on developing a small group driven process specific EHS risk assessment including:
-Utilizing your existing personnel to completing the risk assessment
-Identification of hazards through safety process mapping using several videos
to highlight its utilization
-Establishing a risk matrix with the team environment
-Selling your corrective actions to your management team, and
-Developing an integrated approach to maintaining your risk assessment process

  • Chair: Byron Beattie, Amcor Rigid Plastics North America
  • Division:  John Brennan, JB Safety Consultant, LLC
  • Eva Hatt, Hardhatt Safety Consulting & Training, LLC
  • Allen Mejan, Hastings Air Energy
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