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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

10:15 am
MIOSHA Update and MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) Graduate Recognition Ceremony (Basic) Bart Pickelman, CIH, Director, Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA).

This session will present the STATE OF MIOSHA including 2020 accomplishments and successes, significant cases, strategic goals, emphasis programs, and special initiatives. Plans for 2021 will also be disclosed.

The MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) Graduate Recognition will take place following the MIOSHA Update.

11:30 am
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: A Case Study from MIOSHA Inspection to State Court Decision (Intermediate) Dawn Jack, Director of Appeals Division and Dan Maki, Industrial Hygienist Supervisor, Construction Safety & Health Division, MIOSHA.

Appeals Director Jack and MIOSHA Construction Health Supervisor Dan Maki will present the facts involved in two 2014 MIOSHA inspections of Vandervelden Inc. DBA Prodemo along with the defenses and rulings that arose during the multiple levels of appeal proceedings. This case study will include discussion of several prominent topics in MIOSHA citation appeals, including MIOSHA jurisdiction, definition of “employee” and “employer,” multi-employer worksite doctrine, and subcontractor liability.

1:45 pm
Best Practices for Silica in Construction: A Case Study (Intermediate) Anthony Smykla, CIH and Clayton Desjardin, MPH, CET Division, MIOSHA.

MIOSHA Part 690 Silica in Construction has been effective for three years. In that time, construction employers have struggled to understand and comply with the provisions of the standard addressing exposure assessment and control plans. This presentation will review the regulatory sections addressing exposure assessment and written control plans, translate requirements for general contractors and subcontractors working on a construction site, and present a case study of one project which has achieved a high level of compliance with the standard.

3:15 pm
Top 10 – Health, General Industry, and Construction (Intermediate) Audrey Carlstrom, CET Division Industrial Hygienist, Deborah Ziel, CET Division Senior Occupational Safety Consultant, and Tom Hansen, CET Division Construction Safety Consultant, MIOSHA.

This program has been an annual favorite at the conference with both safety and health violations being discussed. Three experienced CET consultants (health, general industry, and construction) will illustrate what enforcement and consultation employees are finding in the workplace that often lead to workplace injuries and illnesses. They will help unravel the mystery and explain the hazards behind the most cited 10 safety, 10 health, and 10 construction rules by MIOSHA in the past year. They will also offer tips and solutions to help employers and employees recognize and correct these hazards.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

9:00 am
Ask MIOSHA – The Virtual Experience (Basic) Sherry Scott, Safety and Health Program Manager/MVPP Manager, CET Division, MIOSHA; Curtis Johnson, Industrial Hygienist Supervisor, GISHD, MIOSHA; Laura Basile, Safety Supervisor,  GISHD, MIOSHA; and Reo Rodriguez, Construction Safety Supervisor, CSHD, MIOSHA.

Come hear a MIOSHA panel of safety, health and construction experts provide answers to some of MIOSHA’s most frequently asked questions! Attendees will also be provided the opportunity to ask the panel some of their own lingering questions.

10:15 am
The COVID Effect (Basic) Augustine Syrovy, Occupational Safety Consultant, Scott Thelen, Senior Industrial Hygienist, Jason Reifschneider, Senior Safety Officer, and Samantha Birsen, Grant Administrator, MIOSHA.

This session will discuss MIOSHA’s COVID related activities and frequently cited issues. Information will also be provided on how MIOSHA’s COVID-19 Workplace Safety Grant and MIWISH Grant may help employers during this pandemic.

11:30 am (Co-sponsored by the Risk and Insurance Division)
Safety Pays – Saving Money Through Safety Management (Intermediate) Christopher DeRuiter, Accident Fund Loss Control Consultant and Bryan Renaud, MIOSHA Senior Construction Safety Consultant.

How developing and maintaining a culture of employee safety can save employers money through reductions in workers compensation costs and improved productivity & morale.

1:45 pm
Lessons Learned: The Surveillance and Investigation of Work-Related Fatalities in Michigan (Basic) Anthony Oliveri, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Michigan State University.

This talk will present an overview of the Michigan Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (MIFACE) program at Michigan State University (MSU). Topics will include how the program relates to, and differs from, MIOSHA fatality investigations and the presentation of Michigan fatality statistics and trends. Additionally, several MIFACE investigation case studies will be reviewed as both a demonstration of MIFACE’s incident investigation process and to provide specific examples of the factors contributing to preventable workplace deaths in Michigan and recommendations for addressing these factors.

3:15 pm
Michigan Workplace Fatalities (Basic) Chris Johnson, Senior Safety Consultant, CET Division, MIOSHA; and Tarah Kile, Construction Safety Supervisor, CHSD, MIOSHA.

This session will be a brief review of each MIOSHA construction and general industry program fatality.

  • Chairperson:  Gloria Keene, MIOSHA CET Division
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