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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

10:15 am
MIOSHA Update (Basic) Bart Pickelman, CIH, Director, MIOSHA.

This session will present the STATE OF MIOSHA including 2021 accomplishments and successes, significant cases, strategic goals, emphasis programs, and special initiatives.  Plans for 2022 will also be disclosed.

Please note that the MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) Graduate Recognition will follow the MIOSHA Update session.

11:30 am
Employee Discrimination (Basic) April Strahan, Discrimination Investigator, MIOSHA General Industry Safety & Health Division, Employee Discrimination Section.

Learn how the Employee Discrimination Section (EDS) provides protection for employees who have been allegedly discriminated against for exercising their rights under the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act (MIOSHA).

1:45 pm
Michigan Workplace Fatalities (Basic)  Chris Johnson, Senior Safety Consultant, and David Magno, Construction Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

This session will include a brief overview of each MIOSHA construction and general industry program fatality.

3:15 pm
MIOSHA, Fall Protection, and You (Basic) Tom Hansen, Construction Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

This session will be a brief review of MIOSHA’s requirements for fall protection and the repercussions of non-compliance.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
9:00 am
Heat Stress at Work (Basic)  Aaron Gundrum, Senior Industrial Hygienist and Harvey Johnson, Senior Industrial Hygienist, MIOSHA CET Division.

Learn how exposure to heat can be fatal and hear about several cases in Michigan where workers died from excessive heat exposure.  Learn about the other stress factors (workload, common medicines, acclimatization, lack of fluids, high humidity, and lack of adequate rest breaks) that when added to heat, can lead to a strain that can cause illness and sometimes death.  Learn how to use simple guidelines and simple measures to control heat illness at work.  Learn what MIOSHA standards apply to heat exposure.  Caution – This session may cause an increase in blood flow to the brain and elevated core temperature.

10:15 am
Behavior Based Safety – Why People Do the Craziest Things (Basic)  Jim Getting, Senior Construction Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

Nobody wants to get hurt at work.  But, people take shortcuts.  They take chances.  They do not follow procedures.  This program will demonstrate a behavioral technique for analyzing why these things happen.  Moreover, methods for creating better management systems to correct these problems will be illustrated using examples that confront and confound many.

12:30 pm
Employee Involvement – Building a Safety & Health Management Program (SHMS) (Basic)  Mike Brodzik and Robert Atkins, Occupational Safety Consultants, MIOSHA CET Division.

The best programs involve employees at every level of the organization.  Employees are often those closest to workplace exposures with first-hand knowledge of how to eliminate the hazards.  If employee concerns are taken seriously and they are allowed to be involved in the solution, they are more inclined to work thoughtfully and safely.  A panel discussion with representatives from two Michigan Voluntary Protection companies and MIOSHA CET consultants will discuss how employee involvement can be successfully implemented in the workplace.

1:45 pm
Top Ten – Health, General Industry, and Construction (Basic)  Jennifer Clark-Denson, Senior Occupational Safety Consultant, Jamie Green, Industrial Hygienist, and Mark Ginter, Construction Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

This program has been an annual favorite at the conference with both safety and health violations being discussed.  Three experienced CET consultants (health, general industry, and construction) will illustrate what enforcement and consultation employees are finding in the workplace that often lead to workplace injuries and illnesses.  They will help unravel the mystery and explain the hazards behind the most cited 10 safety, 10 health, and 10 construction rules by MIOSHA in the past year.  They will also offer tips and solutions to help employers and employees recognize and correct these hazards.

1:45 pm (co-sponsored by the Metal Fabricating Division, in the Metal Fabricating Division room)
Machine Guarding 101 (Basic)  Deborah Ziel, Senior Occupational Safety Consultant, MIOSHA CET Division.

This session is designed for general industry participants (maintenance, safety and health professionals, and management personnel).  This workshop familiarizes the participant with various types of common machinery and the related safety hazards.  The course enables participants to recognize hazards and provides options for achieving abatement.

3:15 pm
Struck By (Basic)  Reo Rodriguez, Onsite Supervisor, MIOSHA CET Division.

With the orange barrel as the unofficial State flower of Michigan, we look at why working in or near roadways and equipment is so deadly.  This course will dive into the lessons we have learned as being struck by fatalities are on the rise.  Participants will spend time reviewing actual struck by incidences, the applicable MIOSHA standards that apply to multiple industries, the training needed, and the personal protective equipment required while working in or near the roadway and equipment.

  • Chairperson:  Gloria Keene, MIOSHA CET Division
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