Transportation Division Classes

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

10:15 am
Post-Accident Claims Management (Intermediate)  Amanda Garman, Corporate Claims Manager, Gypsum Management & Supply, Inc.

The speaker will touch on preventive measures to take as a company to avoid the accident, and what to do to reduce exposure after the claim occurs, and in most cases prepare for litigation.

12:30 pm *This will be a pre-recorded video played in the classroom. 
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Update (Intermediate)  Eli Recollet, Investigator, U.S. D.O.T. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

This session will be a high level overview of updates to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and basic requirements for motor carriers and drivers.

1:45 pm
Investigating and Reconstructing Heavy Truck Crashes (Basic)  Marc Edgcombe, Crash Reconstructionist, Traffic Reconstruction & Transportation Compliance (TRTC).

This program will cover the purpose of crash investigations, including at scene, post-crash litigation, risk mitigation, and civil suits.

3:15 pm
Loading Dock Safety, 10 Issues You Need to Address (Basic)  Walt Swietlik, Director, Customer Relations and Sales Support, Rite-Hite CO, LLC.

Loading docks at most facilities are busier than ever.   Pressures brought on from increased volumes, ongoing challenges finding trucks and labor shortages are all putting additional pressure on Loading Dock Safety Programs.  This in-depth presentation will take a close look at overall Loading Dock Safety from an operator’s perspective and help you identify 10 areas for potential improvement at your facility.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
9:00 am
Hiring Drivers from Training Schools (Basic)  Bobbi Jo Hill, Fleet Compliance Group.

This session will cover what trucking companies should be looking for and how to onboard drivers from trucking schools.

10:15 am
Truckers Against Trafficking (Basic)  Chad Schmitt, Motor Carrier Officer, Michigan State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division.

This program will be a basic overview of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), what to look for, who to contact, and MSP-CVEDs involvement in the program.

11:30 am
Legal Liability in the Transportation Industry (Basic)  Eric Wagman, Attorney, Novara, Tesija, Catenacci, McDonald & Baas.

This talk will cover motor carrier liability and ideas for how to prepare and limit liability operationally.

1:45 pm
Distracted Driving (Basic)  Daniel Litzner, Michigan Center for Truck Safety.

The speaker will cover risk factors involved with regards to distracted driving, and solutions for motor carriers.

  • Chair: Christopher DeRuiter, CSP, CAWC, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America
  • Vice Chair: Chuck Simmons, Penske Truck Leasing
  • Secretary: Andrew Horner, ASP, Gypsum Management & Supply, Inc.
  • Division: 
  • Alex Dawson, CHMM, Michigan State University
  • Jonathan Lee, CSP, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America
  • Leon Saladin, Martin Transportation Systems
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