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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
10:15 am
MIOSHA Construction Division Update (Intermediate) Eric Allen, Health and Safety Manager, Construction Safety and Health Division, MIOSHA.

An update of the MIOSHA Construction Safety and Health Division. This presentation provides an overview of MIOSHA’s Construction enforcement division, providing attendees with information on enforcement issues, ongoing/new initiatives and the direction that MIOSHA is taking.

11:30 am
Raising the Bar on Patient Safety During Construction in Healthcare Facilities (Basic) Jason Reed, ICRA Coordinator/Trainer, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters.

Discussion of Nosocomial Aspergillosis outbreaks due to construction and renovation. Pathways to understand developing HCF best practices to bridge the gap of awareness between the professional construction industry and the professional Health Care industry. The encouragement and process of ICRA training for construction professionals before construction begins.

1:45 pm
Trench Safety and the duties of the Qualified Person (Intermediate) James McRay, Director of Marketing & Media, Efficiency Products, Inc.

MIOSHA Standards require a Qualified Person to be present on any job site where an excavation—including trenches—takes place. But who is the “Qualified Person” and what are their duties pertaining to TRENCH SAFETY? In this program, Efficiency Production will explain the responsibilities of the Qualified Person to an excavation site’s overall safety, soil classification, and trench protection systems.

3:15 pm
Advanced Fall Protection (Advanced) Steve Kosch, Global Confined Space and Rescue, Personal Safety Division, 3M.

Fall Protection for workers presents several complex issues, requirements for technical knowledge and proper decision making. This advanced presentation will discuss some of the dilemmas that contractors encounter. Discussion will also be based on rescue aspects if a fall were to occur.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
9:00 am
Demolition Safety (Intermediate) Tim Barker, AECOM.

How to mitigate high risk on a demolition and/or most high risk activities based on lessons learned/successes from the DoD and the largest D&D projects and programs in the world.

10:15 am
Crane Lift Planning and Regulations Update (Intermediate) John Haberkorn, Crane and Rigging Instructor, Operating Engineers Local 324 Journeyman and Apprentice Training Fund (OE 324 JATF).

This two hour presentation will walk through a jobsite scenario based on a lift plan. This will include a comprehensive look into requirements from state and federal regulations and the manufacturers’ instructions. Please bring anyone from your team that is looking to gain knowledge and efficiency for crane related activities. There will also be a segment of time designated to Q&A that will address any crane and rigging interests.

12:30 pm
Tower Cranes (Intermediate) Shawn Page, Crane and Rigging Instructor, Operating Engineers Local 324 Journeyman and Apprentice Training Fund (OE 324 JATF).

This course will inform participants on the situations presented with a Tower Crane on the jobsite. This includes the inspection process, operations, situational awareness and safety knowledge surrounding tower cranes.

1:45 pm
Construction Safety Culture and Climate : Lagging Indicators vs. Leading Indicators (Intermediate) Dr. Ahmed Al-Bayati, PE, CHST, Assistant Professor and Director of the Construction Safety Research Center, Lawrence Technological University.

The safety performance of the construction industry is still an area of concern. Over the years, the construction industry shares of fatalities are much higher than its representation within the overall workforce. The effectiveness of the lagging measurements may have reached the point of diminishing and leading measurements may be more appropriate to improve safety performance. The presentation will discuss a new framework of Safety culture and safety climate represented by predictive measurements of safety performance.

3:15 pm
Public Act 174 Miss Dig (Intermediate) Eric Urbain, MISS DIG 811.

This will inform the public of the requirements of Public Act174 of 2013. This will enable all users of the MISS DIG 811 system to protect themselves and property from contact with utility lines.

  • Co-Chair:  Paul Wrzesinski, Associated General Contractors of Michigan
  • Co-Chair:  Eric Allen, MIOSHA Construction Safety & Health Division
  • Vice-Chair:  Jason Griffin, Fessler Bowman
  • Division:
  • Jonathan Anglin, Ideal Contracting
  • Ted Bergin, Wolverine Building Group
  • Lynn Coleman, MI Laborers Training & Appr.
  • Blake Davis, Superior Electric Great Lakes Company
  • Keith Dupasquier, Dearborn Mid-West Company
  • Lee Graham, Operating Engineers 324 LMEC
  • Zach Hansmann, CSP, CHMM, ARM, Michigan State University
  • Douglas Hayes, CSP, ARM, SMS, AECOM
  • Mike Listello, CSP, DTE Energy
  • Richard Mee, RJM Construction Services, LLC
  • Aaron Munoz, Motor City Electric Company
  • John Pike, CSP, CHST, CET, The Walsh Group
  • Kristina Roege Wilson, Occupational Industrial Hygienist
  • Brad Redinger, Wolverine Building Group
  • Troy Rouse, COSS, Mears Group, Inc.
  • Bernie Sunday, Sherriff-Goslin Company
  • Mike Sunday, Sheffiff-Goslin Company
  • Terry Sundt, Belle River PP – DTE
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April 12-13, 2022, Lansing, MI
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